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East Beach Engagement Portraits | Virginia Beach, VA Photographer: Danielle

Jun 7, 2022

Amanda & Alex’s East Beach Engagement Portraits

Engaged couple kissing on the beach at sunset on a summer day. Girl wearing pink long dress for engagement photos.

The question we all want an answer too. Does Tinder actually work? It sure does! In fact, swiping right was how our summer couple Amanda and Alex were able to fall in love. The best part? Our leading lady Danielle met up with Amanda & Alex for their sunny East Beach Engagement Portraits in Virginia Beach VA!

Engaged couple taking engagement photos walking in front of beach buildings and showing the engagement ring
engaged coupled laughing as they walk towards their photographer in front of beach buildings in the summer

We can not wait for their summery June wedding at the Hermitage Museum & Gardens in Norfolk next year! I mean look at that smile – Amanda could not contain the love she felt for Alex! Pure joy & happiness! 

engaged couple cuddling in front of a beach building in the summer for their engagement photos
Couple wearing matching blue outfits kissing in front of beach buildings. Engaged couple hugging and looking at the camera while smiling
Engaged couple kissing while leaning on a beach building. Couple in blue matching outfits walking the neighborhood

How They Met

After swiping right on Tinder, Amanda & Alex had their first date at a restaurant bar in Dayton, Ohio. It was there that they shared their mutual love of country music & bluegrass. Little do they know the DeLine team can throw down on the dance floor! Start playing Copper Head Road and some Luke Bryan and it’s game over!

engaged man twirling his fiancée on the pier while she wears a blue dress in the summer
Girl in blue dress hugging her fiancé from behind on a beach pier. Couple kissing each other on the beach pier in Virginia

The Proposal

For their Anniversary, Amanda & Alex decided to hike through the Shenandoah. After their hike, Amanda & Alex got comfortable, poured some wine in their cabin and began to exchange their anniversary gifts. Little did she know one of those gifts would be her engagement ring! Could have been the wine or the mountain esthetic but she, of course, said YES! 

couple sitting on East beach during sunset in Norfolk. A close up of a wedding ring on a women's hand.
black and white photo of an engaged couple running on the beach during sunset for their engagement photos
couple on east beach in Norfolk walking along the beach during sunset
couple on the sandy beach during sunset smiling at each other

After living in the Virginia Beach area for four years, Amanda and Alex knew that they just had to incorporate the beach. So after some photos around the charming neighborhood of East Beach, we had to catch the sunset on the beach! Where Amanda & Alex laughed all day playing in the sand, getting piggy back rides and, stealing kisses! I mean it’s hard not to when you’re just having fun.

Girl in a pink dress sitting in her fiancée's lap on the beach during sunset looking towards the ocean
girl in pink dress getting riding on her fiancee's back as they frolic on the beach during sunset in Norfolk, Virginia

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DeLine Photography: Danielle