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making all couples feel... 



I grew up around people.

As a kid I interacted with the customers at my parents auction company everyday. At a young age I learned that everyone is different, yet there’s a commonality. We all want to be heard, not shoved into a box with everyone else and told ‘that’s good enough’.

I spend time getting to know my couples because I truly become part of your day. Who wants to spend 8 hours of the most important day next to a stranger??? Not me. 



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i grew up around people


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This isn't your average  

Think of it as more of a sisterhood of the traveling photographers. Ashley and Danielle have been chosen not only for their technical skills, but their personality and work ethic. They've been trained in my personal wedding day systems, posing creations, and expertise in groomsmen wrangling.  

Danielle will be the first one to crack a joke, and Ashley will keep your dance floor hoppin. We have a big passion for having fun while creating an experience that makes you feel comfortably you! Don't spend the most important and exciting day of your life next to a stranger, spend it with us! We got you! 



We weave ourselves into your biggest day ever, creating an experience to make you and your closest people feel comfortably you! 

...with a few jokes & twerks in there too! 

tHE             oNE

Ashley’s energy immediately wraps you in a hug, but she still has that Latina spice! She’s the fur momma to a Husky named Ruby and plant lady to her at-home jungle! When she's not watching The Office, she's catching a football game with her husband (since that is how they met!). She boldly walked up to him at a game and the rest is history. So don't worry; she’ll wrangle any bridal party with her sweet and outgoing personality! 

Ashley began her photography journey in college while studying interior design. Now, she brings her eye for design to life, capturing couples in love and specializing in design-inspired art that showcases your true love connection! She has a beautiful way of bringing movement to images that express a deep love. 

Favorite Cocktail: Shirly Temple girl all the way! 


badass photographer, Spunky, thoughtful and energetic hippie at heart

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The             one

Danielle has the most natural knack for making people feel comfortable. Maybe it’s the jokes, or maybe it’s her down-to-earth vibe; either way, her couples love it! She is a mother of three adorable littles and a fur momma to two pups, Tater and Yoshi! If she's not at a child's sporting event you can catch her watching Sweet Magnolia on Netflix or on the bay in her kayak. With her true romantic heart and child-wrangling expertise, she's always prepared for wedding days like a true super mom!  

She began her photography journey over five years ago as a way to spend more time with her son. She quickly fell in love with the creativity! Danielle's sense of humor makes any situation a good laugh, and she has a knack for giving everyone fierce confidence in front of the camera. Also, her laugh is contagious! 

Favorite Drink: Sassy Rum Runner 


badass photographer. and an OLD SOUL with a master of SARCASM! 


the og badass photographer and the spicy one, obviously! 

I created this girl gang to be different. These leading ladies don’t simply show up to your wedding like random strangers I plucked from the internet. They know your day inside and out, they’ve met you, they’ve done a final walkthrough with you, they are your girls! The same way I am for my couples.

I still got you! I work with you leading up to your wedding, I edit your photos, curate your gallery, and design your wedding album. My leading ladies photograph you, and they also become your hype girl, ride-or-die, and dance floor master!

I would NEVER put you in the hands of someone I didn’t trust with my own photos, and I trust these ladies with my dream aka DeLine Photography! 

you'r girl

Here are a few questions our couples have asked in the past.

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Who will be our photographer? 

Who will be our photographer? 

After your initial call with Cat, a photographer is chosen for you based off of your needs, personality and venue. You photographer will either be Danielle or Ashley, we don't hire random photographers, we believe in forming a relationship that makes you feel comfortable.

Do we still get DeLine Photography's signature editing style?

Do we still get Cat DeLine's Editing?

Absolutely! In fact your experience pre and post weddings are the same as all our couples. Same editing, same questionnaires, same process you simply have one of our leads instead of Cat.

Will they make us feel comfortable like Cat does?

Will they make us feel comfortable like Cat does?

These kick-ass ladies have been trained in our process & methods, as well as shadowing and shooting weddings with Cat. Match that up with their wonderful personalities and you have an experience that will leave you surprised at how easy taking photos was! 

Will they tear it up on the dance floor?

Will they tear it up on the dance floor?

If the right Whitney Houston song comes on, we all know how to break it down!