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Yorktown Engagement Portraits | Photographer: Danielle

Apr 5, 2023

Madeline & Jacob’s Yorktown Engagement Portraits

engaged couple in Yorktown walking in water for their Yorktown engagement portraits

July 2023 can’t come fast enough! We’re ready for summer vacation and, better yet – summer weddings! So what better yet to daydream of the sun warming up our skin than by reminiscing with one of our favorite Yorktown engagement portraits from this past summer?

engaged couple laughing and playing in the water in Yorktown VA for their portrait session
fiancé giving piggy back ride in Yorktown engagement portraits
engaged couple taking engagement photos in Yorktown engagement portraits

How They Met

Who said time wasn’t our friend? Madeline and Jacob first met in high school when they were on the same track team and had similar classes together. However, college decision day roared its head around the corner, and they went their separate ways after graduation. But don’t worry; it wasn’t long until Jacob returned and decided to stay in the area instead. Thanks to this decision, Madeline and Jacob not only rekindled their friendship – YAY – but began to date not long after that. 10 years later and we’re finally gonna get these two lovebirds saying “I Do” in July!

engaged couple kissing on rocks in Yorktown VA
engaged couple taking engagement photo in Yorktown
Yorktown VA engagement photos for young couple

The Proposal

Jacob, if you’re reading this, then just continue looking at the pretty pictures and ignore this paragraph! Now, Madeline may have had an inkling that she was going to get proposed to. How do you ask? Well, Madeline and Jacob had a beach day on the North End of Virginia Beach. However, before they left, Madeline knew where he was hiding the ring. So, before they headed out, Madeline took a peek and noticed it wasn’t in its usual hiding spot. This could only mean one of two things – either he found a new hiding spot, or she was about to get proposed to! So how does Madeline react? Well, the only possible way is by jokingly bringing up the ring at every opportunity! So as their beach day ended, Jacob finally proposed to Madeline.

Yorktown Engagement Portraits

Yorktown, Virginia, has much to offer, from small, local shops to great views of the York River. Making this location one of our favorite spots if you’re looking for small, intimate locations that can offer both the beach and neighborhood feel to your photos. Plus, the beach is dog friendly so if you have a four-legged family member then it’s a great spot to go to!

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