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Cullipher Farm Engagement Portraits | Photographer: Ashley

Apr 12, 2023

Kirsten & Gifford’s Cullipher Farm Engagement

Engaged couple kissing in the middle of a pumpkin patch for their Cullipher Farm engagement

When you think fall photos, you’re probably envisioning colored leaves, lots of deep, rich colors and maybe some mountain views. Well, let me tell you that there’s no need to break a sweat climbing a mountain for the perfect fall photo. In fact, Kirsten and Gifford created the perfect fall moment for their Cullipher Farm engagement session in the fall within the pumpkin patch!

engaged couple smiling at a pumpkin patch for their Cullipher Farm engagement session
engaged couple walking in a pumpkin patch in Cullipher farm, Virginia

How they met

Opposites sure do attract! Kirsten is a bookworm and Gifford is 100% a gamer and a law school student, so what connects them? Well, it’s actually their love for music. Kirsten enjoys folk and americana music, while Gifford enjoys listening to well basically everything. However, their love journey actually started when they met at a college fraternity party! Instead of catching brews and winning at beer pong, Gifford caught feelings and hit the lottery when he met Kirsten. I wonder if they remember what music was playing when they locked eyes?

Virginia Beach Cullipher Farm Pumpkin Patch Engagement
couple kissing in midair at a pumpkin patch in Cullipher Farm
pumpkin patch couple in Virginia

The Proposal

So how did Gifford make sure to keep this music lover by his side? He made sure to make their engagement memorable and where better than George Washington’s home – Mount Vernon! The bonus? He proposed to Kirsten during a fireworks show at Mount Vernon. Talk about a magical proposal, I mean fireworks! Come on that’s so cute!

couple leaning against pumpkins
couple kissing at a pumpkin patch

Cullipher Farm, Virginia Beach

When it came to choosing a location, Kirsten knew she wanted to find a pumpkin patch for her engagement photos and we’re so happy she did! I mean mountain views are nice and all but I mean nothing beats going to a fun, local pumpkin patch in October!

couple laughing at a pumpkin patch in Virginia Beach
engaged couple dressed up in a pumpkin patch

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