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Bride keeping her bridal party small with 4 friends

4 Ways to Keep your Bridal Party Small | Wedding Advice

Apr 6, 2021

4 Ways to Keep your Bridal Party Small

We know planning your wedding day can be stressful and when it comes to choosing the bridal party, it’s no different! It can be difficult to narrow it down to just the right group to be standing next to you on your big day. And maybe you’re someone who wants to keep things small and intimate but are struggling with how to make other friends and family feel special. Don’t worry- we have you covered! Today on the blog, we share with you 4 ways to keep your bridal party small.

Bride with 4 bridesmaids keeping thee bridal party small.

Don’t forget brothers and sisters!

You’ve extended invitations to your best friends to stand up next to you and your fiance on your wedding day but now, you need to incorporate each other’s siblings. If you want to include your spouse’s siblings in a fun way, we have some ideas for you! You could invite them to speak at the ceremony. They could read a poem, or your favorite bible passage. Do they have any musical talents? Ask them to sing for you! 

Sibling is speaking during the ceremony to help keep the bridal party small.
Sibling is speaking to bride and groom during ceremony to help keep the bridal party small

Keep it close

Sometimes you just  have to keep it to your closest and best friends. Maybe that is your sister and your bff or maybe just your sister OR just your bff! You do you, girl; this is YOUR day!

Bride with 4 bridesmaids holding hands by the water

Let’s Coordinate!

So you’ve decided to keep it small but want to make your other friends feel the love! We have an idea for this too! For those friends who you love dearly but you just couldn’t have them in your bridal party, invite them to coordinate outfits with you all! Give them a few different shades that aren’t exactly what the bridal party is wearing but that let everyone else know your squad runs deep.

Bridal party and friends in coordinating dress colors outside
Friends of the bride in coordinating colors to keep the bridal party small

A Special Gift

Lastly, how about a personalized gift for those that didn’t make the bridal party? Something small, but meaningful that you know they will cherish. Just because they aren’t in your bridal party doesn’t mean you can’t still thank them for being part of your journey and present on your biggest day.

Personalized gifts laid out with brides rings

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Cat Deline is a Virginia Wedding Photographer specializing in weddings, elopements and couples portraits.