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i'm in love and I don't care who

Alex and I met unconventionally. A club near Syracuse NY, I walked up to a guy standing alone and boldly asked ‘Are you just a loser who comes to a club alone?’ He smiled and replied ‘Want a shot?’. Two weeks later, while we were climbing a damn waterfall, I had THE moment where I knew he was the love of my life.

Since that day ‘up in da club’ we married in my parents field, lived in Hawaii, visited Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China, and we’ve started a new adventure here on the East Coast. Oh and we have the two bestest fur babies: Alfonzo the handsome Maine Coon kitty and Jet the adorable black Golden Doodle pup!

knows it

I’m married to Alex, love of my life, my baby cat-doggy daddy, and muse.

Alfonzo the treat loving, nap master, Maine Coon Kitty.
He stole my heart over 8 years ago! Now I have boxes
in my house, so he can nap for hours in them.

Jet the belly rub feen, pup walk loving, not so Golden Doodle pup!
 He’s our newest addition, not yet a year old. Alex and I waited over 5 years to get a dog, needless to say we’re excited!

Cardinal Birds, these are my sign. My grandmother loved them, she passed
and begin showing up as one for my grandpa. He passed and two began to
show up for me. So I got a half sleeve with them with wild flowers.

Vintage 70s finds & rugs. Give me all the velvet, bright colored, fun and funky
1970s finds! Rugs, oh man I have area rug for each season…yes it’s a thing for me.

Travel via food, coffee and happy hour. Alex and I traveled a ton living in Hawaii. 
We caught the bug and now we’re always planning our next destination. We believe you connect most with any culture through food, so that’s how we plan.

My soul sister, Kascey Musgraves. I have an arrow tattoo after her song ‘Follow your Arrow’. Her album Golden Hour was created from my soul, I swear. Also, we’re hand twins! 

FRIENDS. This is my late night wind down activity!
Favorite episode: The one where Monica and Chandler get engaged! 
Favorite Scene: Joey & Phoebe’s duck & chick race for a nutter butter!