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Virginia Beach Date Nights

Feb 13, 2024

Virginia Beach Date Nights

We’re giving you four of our favorite Virginia Beach Date Nights! There’s so much to do around Virginia Beach, so we’ll definitely be publishing more to do around VB. From the beach to Pungo to inland VB, there are endless possibilities to do.

Esoteric + Lollys

We’ve become big fans of Esoteric in VB after we had a gorgeous wedding there! It’s an intimate date night restaurant, with a lovely outdoor garden & patio vibe. Plus, their menu is always changing with custom cocktails and entrees! Once you’re done at Esoteric, it’s time to head to a VB staple! Lolly’s Creamery! It quickly became one of our favorite summer ice cream spots! You can easily walk off some of your dinner a few blocks down from Esoteric!

virginia beach date night at lolly's ice cream

Virginia Beach Date Night: First Landing Sunset Picnic

First Landing State Park is one of our favorite posts to simply walk around! It has so many walking trails, the beach, and multiple waterfront views! What we’ll do is pack a light dinner and some drinks, and we’ll choose a new spot on the First landing. Sometimes, it’s the beautiful deep beach, or it’s the waterfront access off of 64th Street. Keep a picnic simple! You can make easy finger foods or grab takeout from a local restaurant. The number one rule is do not leave any trash!! In fact, pick up any pieces you see on your walk in and out; let’s take care of Mother Nature!

vriginia beach date night at first landing state park
a couple on a virgnia beach date night

Go Carts and Putt Putt

If you want to add a little friendly competition to your date night, we highly suggest some go-kart racing or putt-putt!! We’ve gone to Motor World a few times, which has both these options! We tend to have our date nights during the week, so the crowds haven’t been too crazy for us, but I assume on the weekends, this place will get packed! If you’re really competitive, make sure to set some boundaries so no one gets too worked up. We tend to make friendly wagers and laugh off most of our shenanigans. After all date night isn’t about winning or losing. Date night is about laughing, playing, and having fun with your partner!

Aviation Museum and Pizza!

We’re suckers for a fun museum. They’re also a great out of the house option when the weather isn’t great! The military aviation museum was a lot cooler than we expected! We went during the day and grabbed pizza afterward. You can walk through two large bays of airplanes…I geek out over airplanes; they’re just so big and complex, and they amaze me! So we spent a few hours checking them out and talking to the really great staff that was there!

airplane at the virginia beach avaiation museum

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