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Couple walking hand in hand down the streets of Middleburg, VA

When to Schedule Your Engagement Portraits

Mar 22, 2023

When to Schedule Your Engagement Portraits

Couple walking hand in hand down the streets of Middleburg, VA

Choosing when to schedule your engagement portraits can be a bit tricky! If you’ve planned a long engagement, no sweat; we have a lot of flexibility! We have a few things to consider if you’ve decided on a short engagement! Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you on when to schedule your engagement portraits!

Couple on the beach in Outer Banks

Save the Dates or No Save the Dates?

If you send your guests Save the Dates, we have a timeline to work off of. The typical time for sending your Save the Dates is 5-6 months before your wedding; if you’re having a destination wedding, make that 8 – 10 months before your wedding date. The turnaround for your photos typically takes us a month to complete. Don’t sweat if you’re tight on that timeline; we always send you sneak peeks, which can be used for your save-the-dates! We got you!!

couple kissing at First Landing State Park

Does the season make a difference?

Yes! First, it makes a difference based on what you’re envisioning, and it also makes a difference with our schedule! It’s not all about us; however, busy seasons limit our schedule, so we do our best to work around that! We’ll guide you there. Regarding the vibe you want, decide first what season you’re envisioning! Summer Bech days with a dip in the ocean, colorful fall sweater vibes, or springtime blooms! It’s up to you! A couple of things to think of, summer is pretty hot in Virginia, so sunrise may be a great option! Fall lasts for a little bit around here, but there is the point in November when leaves fall, and everything is dead!

What day to schedule your engagement portraits?

We stick to weekdays around here. Why? We want the two of you to be lost in having fun together, not worrying about hundreds of eyes staring at you while you go in for a kiss. Locations tend to be less crowded during the week and more private. The weekends are ruled out, but we also book our weekends with weddings, so we’ll guide you on this too!

Happy couple kissing after their backyard elopement in Norfolk VA