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a couple snuggling in a hammock on lake anna

The DeLine Photography Engagement Portrait Experience

Mar 15, 2023

The DeLine Photography Engagement Portrait Experience

a couple walking at King Family Vineyards

We’re romantics around here. We want your photos to look like you and your genuine love for each other. Our process gives us insight into your love story so we can create an experience that feels more like a date night and less like those JC-Penny photos you took as a kid! Yes, we’ve made the experience THAT fun!

couple dressed elegantly in Mt Rainer

Think of it as a date night…

A date night for you to get to know your photographer. Not only will you feel like you’re on a date with your favorite human, aka soon-to-be spouse, but you’ll also feel like you’re hanging out with a friend too. Yes, your engagement portraits are meant to take photos; we’ll obviously get those! What we’ll also do, is chat with you! Get to know you two, ask questions about your fur baby, your favorite restaurant, etc. We want to get to know you so we can make that beautiful connection you have come to life in front of our cameras. That happens when you’re comfortable!

couple snuggling on bench infront of Skaneateles Bakery

Mom Photos!

The Mom photos! If your mom is anything like mine, she hangs the most posed and perfect photo on the wall. And we will capture that for her; she deserves that! Once we have a few ‘Mom photos,’ we’ll get you two moving and interacting, so you stop thinking so much about the camera and more about your favorite person! This is how we achieve the natural emotion in our photos. We don’t believe you’re robots when you’re at home together, so we don’t want your photos to look like robots, either! We get you having fun, laughing and genuinely enjoying each other! Don’t worry mom, we got you!

These are the best photos you will have

Yes, we are ballsy enough to say it! These photos of you two right now, will be the best photos you will have. Why? Because they’ll feature your true love for each other. We don’t pose you and tell you to hold still for 10 minutes. We want you to move, create real moments, laugh and smile like crazy! The best photos you will ever have are the ones smiling at the person you love most in this world. That’s it!