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Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits | Photographer: Danielle

Feb 7, 2023

Sara & David’s Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits 

engaged couple kissing during their Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits  sunset engagement

How do you make your loved one laugh? Is it by telling them funny jokes, making funny faces or all the above? For Sara, it’s when David quotes Meet the Robinson’s with “I got a big head and little arms.” For David, it’s how Sara is able to create the funniest of faces. For us, it’s a couple that knows how to have fun during their skyline drive engagement portraits .

fiance kissing during their Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits engagement session
fiancé kissing in the fall - Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits engagement
black and white photo of a couple on the mountains during their Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits

How They Met

If you’re looking for some good country line dancing, drinks and an even better time than you’ve probably been to The Banque in Norfolk, VA. The same place that so happens to be where David and Sara met. So how does a guy get a girl’s attention at a country bar when everyone is line dancing and the music is at an all time high? Well, you do what David did and offer to teach her how to line dance.

couple kissing in the fall on the mountains during their Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits
Skyline Drive Engagement Portraits

The Proposal

A sneaky one indeed. Under the guise they were going to celebrate his mom’s birthday, David proposed at the boat dock on the way to the fake celebration. The cherry on top? He invited Sara’s out of town friends as an additional bonus! Plus, it gave them a great excuse to go brewery and wine hopping. I mean how else do you enjoy Virginia home of the lovers to out of town guests and friends?

A Skyline Drive Engagement 

If you’re already starring pages of mountain locations then be sure to favorite Raven’s Roost! As soon as our couples ask for mountains, we already know where we’re going. An overlook located in Lyndhurst, VA, Raven’s Roost doesn’t require sweating up hills to find the perfect spot.

engaged couple sitting on a rock on a mountainside
engaged couple on the mountainside

Can’t get enough and loved reading about Sara & David? Be sure to check out Beth & Griff‘s Mt. Rainer Engagement photos! Ready to create your own magic and have your own sunset session? Contact us to capture your love story!