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bridal party portraits at Hermitage Museum & Garden wedding

How to be a Bridesmaid | Wedding Party Advice

Feb 7, 2023

How to be a Bridesmaid

bridal party portraits at Hermitage Museum & Garden wedding

Your favorite person just asked you to be a part of the biggest day of their life!! Now you’re wondering how to be a bridesmaid!? Not only that, you want to be a good one! After all, you care about your person, you want their day to be THE best, and let’s be honest, you’re honored to be a part of it. We’re giving you our top 5 tips for how to be a bridesmaid!

How to be a bridesmaid and have their back, always.

There are a lot of opinions and emotions while planning a wedding and even more on the day of the wedding. My #1 rule for any wedding party member, have their back, ALWAYS. Even if that means what they want isn’t what you’d choose. That goes for the dress choice that you wouldn’t choose yourself, but you have their back, so you are going to rock the shit out of it. They chose you to be in their wedding party because they love you; now it’s the time for you to show them your loyalty and love by having their back through the entire process.

Bride and bridesmaids at Marriott Oceanfront Wedding

Stay in your lane.

Every bridesmaid has their strengths. Some are good at organizing, others are great with attention to detail, and then there’s the bridesmaid who always brings the party aspect to any event. Know your strength and offer it. Don’t you dare force it; just offer up any way you can help.

bride and her bridesmaids in robes before the wedding

Sit down…it’s not YOUR day!

Take a seat, sis; it’s their day, not yours. Do not force your opinions, design, style, or your agenda upon them. Planning a wedding is already hard enough, don’t make it worse. Be supportive. Ask questions about their vision so you can support them as they make this day come to life. This means you do not make decisions for them; you make them with them or ask them. This also applies to your hair, makeup, and dress choices. Don’t be that bridesmaid who makes the hair team re-style their hair 4 times and thus makes the bride late. Your job as a bridesmaid is to support and make their life easier. Think bringing mimosa’s but also a glass of water for hydration! Those are the vibes you’re bringing to the wedding day!

Bride laughing with bridesmaids as they are getting ready before the Hermitage Museum wedding in Norfolk VA

Plan Ahead

There are many events that you will help create and attend through the wedding planning process. From wine nights spent dreaming of dresses, to the wedding shower, the all-important bachelorette party, and finally, the wedding day. We always suggest that you plan ahead, schedule these events and ensure you have the space and time to fully participate. These events happen once; you want to dedicate your full self to making the bachelorette trip the best damn weekend there ever was! They will appreciate your full presence each time, especially when Aunt Mable chimes in about their wedding day decisions, and you have to then divert her away, so the bride doesn’t cry.

Bride getting ready at Adirondacks wedding

Don’t mess with the photos

Ok, this one is for us! Your loved ones have paid good money to have amazing photos taken of their best day ever; don’t you dare ruin them. Put that smile on, a big one! You’ll regret it down the road if you don’t. Lastly, don’t bombard the photographer with a million photos YOU want. You didn’t hire the photographer, they did, and they’ve already discussed what they want. This pretty much goes with any vendor!

bride showing bridesmaids her dress

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