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Ceremony at The Cracker Factory Wedding

You’re engaged now what? | Setting Wedding Boundaries

Jan 19, 2023

Setting Wedding Boundaries

Ceremony at The Cracker Factory Wedding

Last week we talked about creating your wedding vision. If you haven’t discussed, found, and created a wedding vision with your partner yet, I suggest starting there! That first step is crucial to being able to set these boundaries we’re about to talk you through! Why are we dedicating a full blog to wedding boundaries? Let us be real here, boundaries are a MUST if you want the wedding YOU envision.

It is very easy to allow your vision to take a very different path than you intended. While intentions may be loving, it still creates an issue on your wedding day. Your vision becomes blurred and you make choices that you don’t truly love. Let’s be real with ourselves, you don’t want to spend all of this money and not LOVE your day. So we got you with a few simple steps to take!

Bride showing off her wedding ring at indoor wedding at Early Mountain Vineyards Wedding


This may seem simple, but it’s not. A lot of times when wedding planning starts to go off the rails it’s due to a lack of communication. What should you do? First, have your vision. Communicate it. Tell your parents, sponsors, in-laws, aunts, siblings, and bridal party….you get the vision, you get the vision, EVERYONE GETS THE VISION!! The clearer you communicate your needs & wants the more likely they will be respected. You can easily do this respectfully. Truly, once your people see your excitement, it’s hard to not jump on board! If you have a hard time verbally communicating, use lists, Pinterest boards, and examples. Use what medium you need to show what you’re seeing for your day! This is our biggest must for setting wedding boundaries!

bridesmaids looking at the bride all dressed in her wedding dress

Saying NO is a good thing

In fact, it’s a great thing! Providing clear yes and no answers to those involved with planning and including vendors simply helps everyone to understand what it is you want. There are a lot of options, from vendors, to colors, to textures, to traditions, the list is endless! Practice giving clear answers. Some decisions are bigger than others, and not all are as easy as yes & no, trust us when we say getting good at giving direct responses to the small decision will give you more space to handle the big decision…like which collection to book with DeLine Photography! (Don’t act supprised we name-dropped)

Bride and groom dancing at sunset after Virginia Beach elopement

Write it down

Create a google doc or shared note etc so you can stay on the same page with everyone! If there is more than one paying party, have separate docs to keep track of what’s happening with each decision. This will also help keep everyone clear on the vision and help everyone to stay on the same page. Again, communication is key to executing a day that’s fun, stress-free, and drama free! We want you tearing up the dancefloor with your mother-in-law, not angry because she didn’t understand the assignment. Trust us, she wants to make sure you guys have the best day too!

These are our top three must-do’s to create good boundaries AND to get the wedding day you truly dream of!