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Wedding Weekend Photography | Why you should do it

Sep 21, 2022

Wedding Weekend Photography and Why you should do it!

You might be saying, Cat what is Wedding Weekend Photography?! I got you! Have you thought about how much is packed into your wedding weekend? Welcome party, rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and next day brunch/pool hang! It’s a lot! You want to be present for it all. Live every moment to its fullest! Well my friend, let me introduce my Wedding Weekend Photography collection!

Enjoy your entire wedding weekend that celebrates your love because I go you! Soak up every moment because I have you covered with photographs of the whole weekend. Welcome party? Absolutely, a casual exciting first gathering of your wedding weekend! Rehearsal dinner gifts, toasts, and memory sharing? Don’t miss a thing! Post wedding pool hang to recover? I’ll get your best newlywed glow!

The great thing about having your photographer for your full wedding weekend is you’ll have the memories forever to reminisce on how perfect that weekend was with all of your loved ones. Have an album for each day to share with your future generations of how you two got married.

This causal approach to documenting the biggest weekend of your life will be a memory you’ll enjoy sharing with guests and loved ones for years to come. The albums on your coffee table will show pure moments of joy, laughter and the best memories.

If you want to see more of Cat Deline work as a Virginia Wedding Photographer check out her portfolio of work featuring weddings, elopements, events, and couples! Cat DeLine is a wedding photographer focusing on making you feel comfortable you on your biggest day and beyond! Serving all of Virginia including northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and Virginia beach.