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Women’s Club of Portsmouth Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Aug 20, 2022

Ciarra & Jason’s Women’s Club of Portsmouth Wedding

Ciarra and Jason’s Women’s Club of Portsmouth Wedding was packed with excitement! That’s what can happen when two people are loved so big. Two people who are as sweet as they come. Jason and Ciarra are high school sweethearts who met during swim tryouts. Ever since they’ve been the perfect pair. In fact, Ciarra told me ‘I’ve been in love with Jason since I was sixteen years old, and even after almost ten years, I still fall more in love with him each day!’ Queue the emotions.


As if that wasn’t the cutest, let’s chat about how Jason asked Ciarra to marry him. At a joint celebration for Ciarra & her grandfather’s birthday, Jason had more plans than just blowing out candles. On a perfect day at Ciarra’s grandparent’s house, where she spent many days growing up, with her family gathered, Jason declared his love for her and got down on one knee. Obviously, Ciarra said yes! But it gets better…Jason slipped a ring on her finger that held Ciarra’s grandmother’s diamond. There’s absolutely no way there was a dry eye!

Ciarra & Jason started their wedding day reading letters they wrote for each other. Just a quiet moment for the two of them to connect before they met at the altar. Ciarra, being the sweetheart she is, surprised Jason with a few tokens to ensure his dad was with him the whole day. (You might as well grab the whole tissue box at this point, you’ll need them)

Their Women’s Club of Portsmouth wedding day began with an emotional first look with Ciarra and her dad, before gifting them some of these most meaningful parent gifts. Then Jason & Ciarra decided to do a first touch before their ceremony. As their hands met, you could see the two of them relax, and smiles popped onto their faces. Jason said he was excited for the moment he got to see Ciarra walk down the aisle, and Ciarra wouldn’t wait to finally marry her best friend.

Jason the moment he saw Ciarra, instant emotions. You could feel her take his breath away. (wow, my job is amazing)

After they said I do, Jason and Ciarra spent their evening with their guests, filled with hugs, well wishes, and emotional speeches. In fact, by the third one, I tearfully looked up to find Danielle only to see her with more tears than I had! (Again, we have the best job)

They ended the evening with a beautiful last solo dance. Just the two of them soaking in their best day ever! They exited their Women’s Club of Portsmouth wedding to a tunnel of ribbons wishing them love as they begin their marriage!

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Venue: Women’s Club of Portsmouth
Planner: Amber Justine Events
Photographer: Cat DeLine
Makeup: Alexis Nichols
DJ: Emer Lunasin
Rentals: Waterford Event Rentals
Dress: Milk & Honey
Cake: The Bonbonnier
Catering: Montero’s