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groom dancing at Hermitage Museum & garden wedding

Our Top 3 Favorite 2022 Reception Trends!

Aug 24, 2022

We’re giving you all of our Favorite 2022 Reception Trends!

groom dancing at Hermitage Museum & garden wedding

Each year new trends emerge in the wedding industry, some we love and some we dont! We’ll get to the latter part of that some other time, today we’re chatting all about our favorite 2022 reception trends! As always you do you boo boo! It’s your wedding, if you want to spice it up make the decision and stick to it!

2022 Reception Trend #1: Grand entrances!

This has been a fan favorite since last year! Get your guests HYPED when you walk in with a pop of confetti, streamers, or noise makers! Not everyone wants to do a sweaty gran exit, so do a grand reception entrance!

Sparkular wedding exit

For the record, if you’re going to do confetti or a pyrotechnic you’ll need to check in with your venue and make sure you have all the necessary vendors & permission!

confetti flying at a wedding reception

Dance Floor Jam Session!

First off, a great DJ can get a party started, and excellent DJ can read your dance floor and spice it up to the next level! Some of our favorites: DJ Danny & Next Level Entertainment .

One of the best trends to emerge is a great hoist of the bride or groom. WARNING: We don’t incourge this if you are not comfortable with it or your guests are not strong. It naturally happens so don’t over plan this, it’s happened several times this year and it’s pretty epic and it’s awesome to watch guests and the partners of honor be lost in the moment of an epic jam!

reception at Hermitage Museum & garden wedding

Last Dance of The Night

This is a great alternative to a grand exit, one last moment just the two of you! The last dance trend is a romantics favorite aka us! Send your guests out to their cars or to set up for an exit, and save the last dance for just the two of you!

private last dance at Williamsburg Winery Wedding

There are not many times during your day where its just the two of you. Carving out time to soak in that newlywed feeling is a must! This is the perfect time to soak it in, laugh, and just be in love one last time before the best day ever is over!

last dance at wedding

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