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Surprise Double Proposal | Newport News, VA | Joseph & Owen

Jun 30, 2022

Joseph & Owen’s Surprise Double Proposal in Newport News, VA

surprise double proposal by the water during sunset

From the moment they met, Joseph knew he had found someone special. Someone he could not see a life without. He could see his future with Owen so clearly but there was just one thing. He had no idea how to propose to the man of his dreams! Cue in the funky photographer and some James Bond planning! Under the disguise of a sunset picnic, Owen & Joseph walked to their favorite location in Newport News overlooking the James River. Little did Owen know that Cat was disguised as a beachgoer sitting in a beach chair right in front of them! But here’s the best part – it ended up becoming a surprise double proposal!

two gay guys walking along the path holding a picnic basket kissing. Two guys looking at each other lovingly
a guy proposing to his boyfriend on the beach at sunset

A Second Proposal

Now Joseph may have planned it but there was another card at play – Owen’s roommate! Funny enough in March Owen had told his roommate he wanted to propose to Joseph at their location, a gazebo overlooking the James River. He even showed her the ring he had bought after dropping his long distance boyfriend at the airport! Fast forward three weeks later, the roommate gets a text from Joseph. Joseph ALSO had bought a ring but the cutest part? He wanted to propose to Owen at the same location! Talk about meant to be and soulmates!

a surprise double proposal as a guy proposes to his fiancé after being proposed to

So of course it meant this was going to be a SURPRISE double proposal with none the wiser! Pulling off a double proposal was going to be tough, so who better to help plan this little secret than Cat! From hiding in bushes, behind buildings, and disguising herself, Cat was the perfect accomplice to pull this off! How did they do it? Well, the roommate made sure to grab the ring from Owen’s room for Joseph. Cat then hid the ring until after Joseph proposed. The roommate slipped the ring into Owen’s hand and well the rest is in the pudding!

How They Met

While scrolling on Instagram, Owen happened across Joseph’s profile where he had just shared his news about going to law school! Seeing his accomplishment, Owen decided to message him a congratulatory message. From that message a growing conversation grew, where they found themselves sending paragraphs and FaceTiming each other everyday day, multiple times a day! However, it wasn’t until two months after talking that Owen boarded a plane from Virginia to Las Vegas to meet in person and well now they’re planning their wedding!

surprise double proposal couple looking over the James river in Newport News holdings hands
surprise double proposal couple standing at the beach in Newport News. Close up of couple's hands with engagement rings on
surprise double proposal ends with couple hugging each other at sunset

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