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Waterford Event Rentals | Virginia Wedding Vendors

May 13, 2022

Waterford Event Rentals – Hampton Roads Linen’s & Event Rentals

Give me a fierce self made Boss Babe, a team that laughs as they work, and beautiful textured linens any day! I’ve been working with Waterford Event Rentals since we moved here to Virginia two years ago. I’ve photographed their gorgeous linens, chairs and tables for some time, but I never met the people who make it all happen for our wedding receptions. Until now!

Alyse the woman behind it all, started this small business with humble beginnings. She loves design & decor, especially designing a room with fabric & furniture. Once she left the corporate world of events to have her first child, she knew she wanted to continue on with events but in a different way. Back in 2011 chair covers & sashes were the hot thing! She wanted to start a fresh new chair cover & sash business but with a twist…with more than just the bow! She developed very unique ways of tying the sash! And was the first to bring this unique idea to Coastal VA. We LOVE an innovator!

She started with the smallest little swatch book of fabrics that she would carry around to different Starbucks’ to meet with planners and brides. Waterford Event Rentals was always a fan favorite! (I’m biased, but I can see why!) In fact, people were always wanting more! Sashes turned into overlays, tables runners, table cloths, & more! The rest is history!!

You’re probably like, Cat why are linen’s such a big deal? It’s the linens, yes but it’s also their process. Their attention to detail, design, focus, & niche. They don’t just order take. Their clients come into the studio by appointment and sit down and create a design with their rentals. Sure, you can pick up or they can deliver, but they’re are known for an elite service. I mean who doesn’t want to create a well coordinated event that’s screws YOU!?! Plus, take it from me, you NEED to feel their textured linens. I am currently obsessed with their velvet collection! They don’t stop there, they will fold your napkins, tie your sashes, steam your linens, and make sure everything is looking absolutely perfect. They are all about the details. They LIVE for the details.