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confetti flying at a wedding reception

Unique Wedding Reception Entrance

Feb 3, 2022

Our Most Unique Wedding Reception Entrance

Bride excited as confetti falls

We are counting down our top 5 Unique Wedding Reception Entrance! You want to get your reception started on the right foot, the party sparked instantly! We’re breaking down how our couples achieved these truly excitng ways to get their reception started!

#5 Play it Cool

If you don’t like being the center of attention play it cool! It’s your day and if you want to irish arrive, do it! Kinsey & Pace slipped into their wedding, and right into their first dance like a romantic evening should unfold. You’ll agree this intimate first dance was even sweeter without feeling overwhelmed by a big announcement.

Kinsey & Pace’s Middleburg Estate Wedding

Bride and groom during first dance

Venue: Mortage Hall
Planner: Lissa Marie Weddings & Events

#4 Ribbon Wand Reception Entrance

Full transparency, this is also one of our favorite grande exits. We can also see this being an awesome way to enter your reception!! Getting everyone excited with a sea of flickering ribbons would be the perfect way to get the party started!

Robin & Sky’s Brunch Wedding

ribbon wand wedding exit

#3 Iced Reception Entrance

Jenna & Spencer wanted to get their wedding guests hyped before they were introduced, they decided to ice them! They strategically placed Smirnoff Ice drinks on the chairs of a few of their guests. When the guest pulled their chair out to sit, boom ICED! The entire reception go into it as one by one guest dropped to a knee and chugged!

Jenna & Spencers OBX Beach House Wedding

Iced reception entrance

Venue: Atlantis OBX

#2 Skateboard Wedding Reception Enterance

Roll up to your reception in true you style! Morgan & Remi chose to roll up to their beach wedding reception on their skateboards. These two are truly the coolest couple ever.
Morgan & Remi’s Hatteras Wedding

Bride and groom skateboarding reception
bride and groom on skateboards

#1 Confetti Wedding Entrance

Pop it like it’s H O T!! Katie & Drew wanted to start their reception with a bang, and boy did they ever! Confetti pops as your walk into your wedding is simply EPIC! Ask 2-4 of your attendants to pop the confetti as you enter! TIP: You must talk to your venue, there may be a cleaning fee associated since confetti gets everywhere!

confetti flying at a wedding reception

Venue: Lesner Inn