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Bride finding dress at Studio I do

3 Must Do’s Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Jan 6, 2022

We’re giving you 3 Must Do’s Before Wedding Dress Shopping!

Bride finding dress at Studio I do

We love watching our brides have the experience of finding THE dress! It’s one of those fun wedding task items, that you dream about! Gather your closes pals, mom, and maybe an aunt or grandma; just don’t invite everyone. You’re preparing for your wedding dress appointment. Appointments are necessary, they ensure you have enough time, and that you are well-taken care of. Trust us you want this to be a whole experience! We’re giving you our 3 Must Do’s Before Wedding Dress Shopping!

There are a few givens when you are starting to think about wedding dress shopping. Your budget should already be tucked into your overall wedding budget so we won’t waste your time there. You should already have in mind if not already locked in your venue & overall vibe/style of your wedding. Those two key points MUST be done before you even think about dress shopping. Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t dress shop for a beachy dress and end up with a traditional Dover Hall wedding, catch what we’re saying?

Bride and entourage saying I Do to her wedding dress

#1 Set yourself up for a YOU day!

This appointment is all about you and making your dreams come to life! Spend the extra time that morning to pamper yourself. Choose your favorite loose-fitting outfit. (Avoid tight-fitting clothes that will leave marks on your skin to avoid any visual distractions) When it comes to your makeup, keep it light. You don’t want to ruin any dresses with heavy makeup, and you want to have a natural look that makes you feel confident! Don’t try any Tik Tok tutorials this morning, instead go for the faithful understated glam you love for your power days! Your hair also needs attention, making sure you are confident with your hair is important! You don’t want to stand in front of those big mirrors in a ratty messy bun from 5 days ago. You just don’t. Learn from our mistakes (hint: one of use worse a messy bun and regretted it) and take the time to style your hair, noting wild, but it does give you the confidence to make this big decision when you’re feelin’ yourself! Lastly, eat sis! Nothing big or heavy, but you need a light meal, then afterward treat yo’self to a ladies lunch or dinner!

Bride finding wedding dress at Studio I Do

#2 Keep and Open Mind

We do suggest you know the general style you want. Whether that be ballgown, fit & flare, or a lightweight dress. However don’t forget that the stylist helping you knows a lot about different styles, body types, and what fits women’s bodies. (Yes this is why you’re going to a boutique wedding dress shop, they know their shit!) We love our stylists at Studio I Do in Virginia Beach!

When you’re trying on dresses after you show the stylist your likes & dislikes keep an open mind. Your stylist may come back with a few dresses that weren’t on your radar. That’s why you have a stylist. Granted don’t be afraid to say no ONCE YOU TRY IT ON! Yes, try on the suggested dresses, what does it hurt??? After all, Sarah Jessica Parker didn’t know she needed that Vivian Westwood dress until she tried it on!

Studio I Do stylist helping bride find wedding dress

#3 When you find it STOP

Wedding dress shopping can be fun and a bit overwhelming. It may take more than one store, or you find it in the first place. Whatever it is, when you find your dress, stop. Stop looking. You found your partner, and you stopped looking. It’s the same for THE dress!

Before you jump into the beautiful world of bridal gowns, you need to mentally prepare yourself for finding THE dress. The biggest part of that is stopping once you’ve found it. You’ll know when it’s the one, trust us! You’ll get this feeling in your gut, you’ll start glowing, and tears often happen!

Bride Dress Shopping at Studio I Do

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