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engaged couple looking at each other

Norfolk VA Engagement Photos | Photographer in Virginia

Dec 9, 2021

Ashley & Jon’s Norfolk VA Engagement Photos

engaged couple looking at each other

Ashley and Jon are getting married next year, we met for their Norfolk VA engagement photos with all the beautiful fall vibes. Oh and a great pair of boots!

engagement couples dressed up for photos
couple kissing in the tree
couple dancing in the street
couple cuddling

How they met…

Ashley’s little in her sorority was dating a coworker of Jon’s at the time. Jack invited Jon and Ashley separately to a party he was having. They all hit it off, slinging jokes and having a great time! Ashley added Jon on Snap chat but was a little scared at first. Their friendship started to bud, and eventually, they were hanging out each weekend! What can we say Ciroc and wine are real party starters!

a couple strolling around freemason district
boy kissing girls hand
boy kissing girls hand
couple kissing
couple snuggling

The Proposal…

After two failed attempts due to circumstances outside of Jon’s control…like COVID he finally got to propose in December 2020 on their dating anniversary! They have made it a tradition to pick out a Christmas tree on their anniversary and get brunch. Once they got home with the tree Ashley told him she was going to take the dog out and to put on some Christmas music so we could start decorating together. She came back inside to hear Luke Combs ‘Better Together’ playing and in typical Ashley fashion as she says “this isn’t Christmas music!” as Jon is getting down on one knee to propose! Obviously, she wasn’t too upset about the Christmas music! She said Yes!!

couple snuggling
couple snuggling
date night in freemason district Norfolk va
couple snuggling

Ashley and Jon started off in a gorgeous black and white formal look. Which included a beautiful sassy neckline and a smile that never left Jon’s face! We walked along the cobblestone streets swapping fur parent stories and laughing about winters back in NY.

guy dipping girl infront of green house
couple kissing infront of greenhouse
couple holding hands leaning against wall

Their second look was also a favorite of ours. Ashley’s boots were to die for, and Jon complimented her puff leaves in his tan sweater. Basically, they could be on a country music album cover with this vibe! We were here for it!

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