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Wedding at Turning Stone Resort

Jun 10, 2020

Chris & Cheryl’s Turning Stone Wedding

Chris & Cheryl’s fun-filled wedding at Turning Stone Resort was one unforgettable day. After being engaged for two years, they celebrated their love with family and friends in upstate New York and I got to capture every remarkable moment!

The morning started with sunshine and champagne, as Chris & Cheryl got ready with their best friends. These two are the kind of couple that you want to be around–contagious smiles and the LIFE of the party! Every moment was full of excitement as they prepped for their ‘I do’s.’

Cheryl was over the moon when she opened Chris’s wedding gift and found a little note with a surprise honeymoon to Bermuda (hello, sandy beaches)! When Chris opened Chery’s gift, the look of surprise on his face was priceless–a custom print with the exact coordinates and date of where they met (cue, the tears).

Their ceremony took place on the green lawn of the Turning Stone which made for some brilliantly colorful photos. The moment Cheryl walked down the aisle, Chris was so overcome with emotion he overflowed with tears. It was such a special moment seeing him swoon over his bride.

They chose to have their wedding in the afternoon, so their photos could be filled with sunshine! From a photography perspective, it’s important to plan the right time for your ceremony so you can get that ‘just-right’ light for your images. If you’re shooting in the afternoon, like Chris & Cheryl, make sure you’re in an open area so your images aren’t full of harsh shadows.

The party continued as we headed to the reception at the resort’s ballroom. Chris & Cheryl are the kind of couple that went to Fyre Fly, Coachella, and love an all-round good time, so you can imagine the fun they had when they opened up their reception with an EDM song and killer dance moves. The fun lasted into the night with a live band and plenty of dancing! We loved being a part of this gorgeous wedding at Turning Stone Resort.

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