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A couple eloping during COVID 19 in Norfolk VA

How to Elope In Norfolk VA During COVID-19

Apr 17, 2020

step by step guide to eloping in Norfolk VA during COVID-19

A couple eloping during COVID 19 in Norfolk VA

Here is a step by step guide to eloping in Norfolk VA during COVID-19. The paperwork is the same but in a different format, and the process is a bit different!

What do you need to apply for your marriage license:

You and your partner both will need to complete this Marriage License Application found on the Norfolk Circuit Court site. It’s a fillable online PDF, so save and complete it on your computer. IMPORTANT: You need to ensure the full names (including middle name) are included. Don’t miss the section that asks for your mother’s maiden name, as well.

Along with your Marriage License Applications, you will each will need a valid form of ID. IDs include Drivers License, Passport, Military ID, etc

How to apply for your marriage license:

Once you have completed the application, send it back to marriage710@circuitcourtva.us They will review the ensure accuracy, then return it to you for your signatures. Easy Peasy!

Next, you sign the license and send it to marriage710@circuitcourtva.us
Include the following

  1. Signed application
  2. A copy of both party’s government-issued ID
  3. Include your preferred email address and phone number

Where do you apply:

Via VIDEO! The Clerk’s Office will email you a video link, and schedule a time for your video call.

On the video call, both parties MUST be present. You will be asked to hold your government-issued ID up to the camera to verify your identity. You will then swear under oath. Lastly, you’ll need a valid credit card to pay any fees. The application fee is $30.

After you’ve completed all of the above steps, the Clerk’s Office will complete the application process and email you your official marriage license via email!

Who can marry you?

In Virginia, you must have a commissioner or priest marry you. The Clerks Office provides three Marriage Commissioners:
-Cynthia Smith and Sally O’Neal (757) 664-4175
-Christina Montoya-Rodriguez (757) 268-4902.

The commissioners typically charge $50 cash to perform the marriage ceremony.

Let’s make it official!

Your commissioner or priest will file your marriage license with the city within 5 days of your ceremony. (They will email the completed doc to the Clerk’s Office) Once you provide your marriage license to your commissioner or priest they will handle everything from there.

How to get that pretty piece of paper!

To receive a certified copy of your marriage certificate you must apply for one. The Clerk’s Office has not provided an updated process for obtaining your Certified Marriage Certificate. Contact them directly.

The fee for the Certified Copy of your Marriage Certificate is $2.50

How must does this all cost?

Marriage License: $30
Commissioner: $50 cash (may vary)
Certified Marriage License: $2.50 per copy

Can I still have you capture this moment?

Hell yeah, you can! As long as there are less than 10 people present and social distancing is practiced. Easy Peasy!

My courthouse elopement collections begin at $500 and are custom created for your needs. Simply inquire below and I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Where can we get married:

Now to decide where you’re eloping in Norfolk VA!
Location Suggestions:
– Neon District
– Free Mason District
– Pagoda & Chinese Garden
– Make a forever memory in your backyard

Helpful Links:

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