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How to travel with an engagement ring for a destination proposal

Dec 5, 2019

You’ve decided the perfect place to propose to your love is a travel destination. Could be home for the holidays, tropical destination, or even the mountains! Wherever it may be you’re nervous about traveling with that important engagement ring purchase.

First and MOST IMPORTANT is to get the engagement ring insured before you leave. As a former jeweler my first instruction to anyone purchasing a ring (or any jewelry) is to add it to your insurance policy. Most homeowners, or renters insurance policies can add a jewelry or high value policy onto your existing for only a few dollars more a month. Don’t have home/renters insurance? Most car insurance provider can add it too! In the grand scheme of things, it’s well worth the extra dollar if it ever goes missing, gets lost in the ocean (see my advice one when NOT to wear your ring), or it goes down the drain…literally down the bathroom drain.

Next, you know traveling with a big ring box is far too obvious. I suggest asking your jeweler for a small plastic-lock ring bag (looks like a tiny ziploc bag).

If they also have it I suggest a small cloth draw string bag. With just the plastic bag you can fit the ring in that tiny pocket in your jeans, you know that one you cant figure out what it’s for. If you’re not wearing jeans, I suggest putting the ring in your bag, BUT only if you will have the bag on you at all times. Don’t put the ring in your checked bag, or check the bag at the gate.

wedding ring in a blue shell

My last tip is to plan your proposal early in your trip. You’re going to be nervous, yes even you. Keeping those nerves bottled up may make for unneeded stress between you two and those around you. Planning your proposal early in the trip means more time to CELEBRATE and relax!!

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