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DeLine Travles | Asia ’17 | Thailand + China + Singapore

Aug 28, 2017

My husband Alex and I set out on a grand adventure through Thailand, Singapore and China! Our first big vacation as a married couple. Of course I had to bring a camera along! We started in Karon Thailand, adventuring around the Big Buddha, relaxing at our hotel pool filled with Thai decor & positive vibes, and oh the food! Thai food all around; street vendors selling squid, bugs, and spicy curry dishes (yes I did say BUGS). We rode through a monsoon on a moped, drank beers on the side of a mountain, and had breakfast in a Turkish couples home. Next we traveled north to Patong Beach, what a wild ride and I’m not only talking about our cab driver. We took the first evening to explore Bangla Road, the party spot in Phuket Thailand. Party was an understatement, we ventured around grabbing drinks here and there, taking in all the sights. The following day we were off to Singapore for the day! This may have been the favorite part of our Asia adventure, we will be back! A grand ferris wheel ride to see the gorgeous city line and harbor. $20 then took us into Cé La Vi atop Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, but after traveling up 57 flights that $20 got us two drinks and 360 degree views of Singapore (Insert jaw drop here). After a round of Liverpool cards we were off to our last stop, China Town. We stepped back in time from the modern elegance of the surrounding area to colorful vintage apartments atop of shops, alley’s decorated with lanterns, and the unusual smell of Durian. We walked to South Bridge Road, stepped into a Buddhist temple containing a Buddha Tooth Relic, draped with gold buddhas, the smell of incense and beautiful silence. Just a short walk down the road led us to the Sri Mariamman Temple of the Hindu religion where a young bride and groom were to be wed. One last quick stop for coffee and we were back to the airport. Our last two days in Thailand flew past. Filled with more Thai food, endless walking from site to site, and swimming with baby elephants. The final stop of the trip was a quick 8 hour layover in Shanghai China. For me this was a surreal moment, I traveled to Shanghai during college 8 years prior. I thought I would never see the opportunity to step foot in China again. This stop proved to me that you will never know where life takes you, and not knowing is the best part. Alex was in dumpling heaven and I couldn’t stop smiling watching his excitement for being there. We took the Mag Lev train (it levitates and runs on magnets)..oh and it goes up to 268mph… We traveled from the airport, past Shanghai Disney Resort and into the train station. We walked to The Bund which displays the famous Shanghai skyline. A brief pause for photos and reminiscing then we were back on foot headed for dumplings. We quickly realized that reading Mandarin characters is harder than expected, but we found THE spot for dumplings. One dumpling stop just wasn’t enough, we grabbed a to go of dumplings from another restaurant, before we walked around the markets. In a blink of an eye…on the 268mph MagLev it was a blink… we were back at the airport. After one fast game of Liverpool and a round of beers and we lined up at the terminal for the conclusion of our Asia adventure. Back home to Alfonzo we went!