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Girls Night | Oahu Photographer | Hawaii

Aug 24, 2017

Girls night, we treasure the time we get to spend with our best gals. Sometimes it over margaritas, other times its simply an evening at the beach. Us ladies need our time together, discussing what plans we have for the future, where are fears lie and of course what we really think of The Bachelor. As strong women, we empower each other. There is no strength greater than women who ban together to create a community that supports, lifts up, and encourages one another. If you haven’t heard of the Tone It Up community I suggest you check them out. When I moved to the island of Oahu from the East Coast I was nervous about finding women to connect with, my Tone It Up community was there for me. I met these three ladies at my very first meet-up, just 2 weeks after arriving to Oahu. We conquered our fears and sailed through a SUP Yoga class…well I may have taken a plunge off my board during the reverse warrior pose. Two years, a business, marriage, dogs and a soon to arrive baby later it was fun to create a girls night with these three.