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Your Brand Photos Should Talk

Mar 12, 2024

Level Up your Brand Photos

non-traditional wedding planners in VA Beach

Gone are the days of realtor headshots being the norm; THANK GOD!! Your brand photos should do the talking for you! They should say something with every image. Whether it’s explaining your process, showcasing your brand vibe, or giving your audience a glimpse at who’s behind the brand. Your grand photos should be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox! (A long side strong copy and a website that converts lookers into brand lovers!)

Why Do Brand Photos Matter?

The visual representation of your brand speaks VOLUMES to clients. It lets them know instantly where you’re at in your business. We all know what our first website, photos, and copy looked like….cringe. (Truth: I hand-drew my second logo. I was proud, but it was noticeably lacking.) If you want a brand that speaks volumes, looks cohesive, and gives the impression that you take this shit seriously, get good photos! Clients will come to your website or social media or look at your business card images before they ever read the text. Copy is powerful, but photos are first! Make sure your photos speak to the clientele you want to serve.

RSG Weddings and Event Team Virginia Beach Wedding Planner

What should they say?

Each time you take new brand photos, you’re leveling up your brand. You’re spending money to create images that will tell your clients, hey, this is my vibe, this is my energy, and it is my brand. Your brand vision should be direct, and clear. So your photographer can execute them to represent your brand. You need to have a theme, mood board, and direction for your images. Don’t simply sit there and take a photo with your hand under your chin. They should convey your brand color palette, diversity, and overall brand design.

Are Brand Photos Just Headshots?

Absolutely not. They can include them, but long gone are the days when headshots are enough. Millennials and Gen Z want to know who’s behind the brand, especially if you have a service-based business. They want to know what you stand for, represent and serve. Equally as important, if you want to attract clients/buyers who identify with your brand vibe and mission, your photos need to convert them because they won’t always accompany copy. These leveled-up brand photos should identify with your ideal buyer.

Take a look at RSG Event’s brand photos and see the difference it makes when your photo talk!