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Epic Dates

Feb 27, 2024

Epic Dates

Epic Dates! They don’t happen every week, but when they do, wow!! Alex and I have done a few epic date nights over the last few years, and we highly recommend them. Just remember, everyone’s version of an Epic Date isn’t the same; these are just a few of ours that we want to share!

Epic Dates: Boat Cruise!

This is an easy one where we live, coastal Virginia! You can easily hop on a dinner cruise, the American Rover, or take a sailing class. Whatever way you want to, there are options around here. A simple dinner cruise is amazing. Grab some drinks, share a nice meal, and enjoy the sights of downtown Norfolk! If you want to be the captain of your ship, we also kayak for date nights too! There are endless kayaking spots here in coastal Virginia!

Epic Date: Hot Air Balloon!

This was one of my life bucket list items Alex surprised me with. A hot air balloon ride over Letchworth State Park (where I grew up). We woke up for sunrise, watched them inflate the balloons, and then had the most amazing, thrilling, peaceful experience coasting through the sky. Talk about romantic; I’m not sure Alex ever had a moment of that ride without his arms around me. I 20/10 recommend it (That is, if you’re not scared of heights). Here, ‘locally’ Blue Ridge Balloons is amazing! How do we know? We flew with the OG of this family, and they came highly recommended. They’ve been flying in balloons since before they could walk!

Glasshill Winery

Alex is THE best at finding the best places during our adventures. I work at a wedding, he’ll explore the local area for things we can do together. One of these days, he found The Glasshill Winery, which quickly became our favorite winery. We take everyone out to this winery, especially in the winter months; why? They have a greenhouse where you can sit and drink their wines, sometimes featuring live music. The most relaxing place all year round. That doesn’t even include the beautiful views surrounding the winery.

OBX Beach Day

One of our favorite summer day dates is a classic Outer Banks Beach Day! We deflate the tires and roll out to the 4×4 beach in either Nags Head or Corolla. We grill out a cooler filled with drinks, and our pups love life! It’s an easy way to slow down and simply relax. You’ll find me with a book in hand and an umbrella. If you do want to go out on the 4X4 beach, you will need a permit and absolutely must let air out of the tires (we found out the hard way our first time)

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