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Freemason District Engagement | Photographer: Ashley

Jan 4, 2023

Stefanie & Grayson’s Freemason District Engagement

engaged couple at Freemason district in Norfolk Virginia

What is the one thing your person does that makes you laugh? For Stefanie it’s the way Grayson acts goofy and dances when there’s no music. For Grayson it’s the way Stefanie dances because she is a goofy dancer. And for us it’s the way these two love birds interacted and had a blast during their freemason district engagement session!

Engaged couple kissing at freemason district in Norfolk Virginia
Norfolk Virginia Freemason district engagement

How They Met

If you were to ask your partner when you first met would you have the same answer? Grayson claims they met when he taught a pediatric life saving class to her but didn’t make a move. Fast forward a few years later, yup I did in fact say a few years later and Stefanie claims they met on Hinge. So what’s the verdict? Did they met via Hinge or during the class? Either way, we’re glad destiny brought these two together!

freemason district couple

Rascal goes to Freemason District

If you have a dog and you don’t bring them to your engagement session then do you really have a dog? Meet Rascal, Grayson and Stefanie’s fur baby and also Grayson’s partner in crime! Why? Well, keep scrolling so I can tell you about their proposal

engaged couple sitting on stairs with their dog
engaged couple walking their dog during their engagement session at freemason district
engaged couple playing with their dog at freemason district

The Proposal

Before going on their routine hike in first landing park Grayson took Stefanie to get lunch at Taste. Now this was weird to her because on a normal day they would go hike first and then go get lunch at Taste. Even though it was out of order, Stefanie didn’t really question it. After filling their bellies, they hiked down to the water onto one of the beaches where Rascal began to distract Stefanie. It was thanks to Rascal playing on the beach that Grayson took the opportunity to get down on one knee.

freemason district engagement sitting at the water
engaged couple at freemason district

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