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Wedding Hair Stylist from Virginia | FLAWLESS On Site

Oct 5, 2022

Virginia Wedding Hair Stylist FLAWLESS On Site

From updos to extensions, there are so many ways to style bridal hair. But where do you even begin? How do you know which one to choose for your wedding day? To answer that question, we sat down with a Wedding Hair Stylist from Virginia – FLAWLESS On Site Master Hair Stylist and Owner Stephanie to give us the 411 on all things wedding hair!

Who is FLAWLESS On Site

How did FLAWLESS On Site come to be?

 If I said over some coronas on the beach would you judge me?! Haha well, good news, that’s exactly what happened haha I always dreamt of starting a bridal hair company but never found the “right time”. Well right after I had my first baby I went to the beach with some friends and turns out they were the ones to push me to do it! So I convinced a friend who did makeup on the side (aka BlushTones) to take the leap of faith with me. The next day we sat at my dining room table and came up with our business plan and here we are almost 10 years later!

What makes FLAWLESS On Site different from any other hair services?

We specialize in hair styling only. That means we only style hair. We are not a salon that offers everyday services like cuts and colors. Our niche is styling hair for brides and their bridal parties the morning of their wedding! Our team is provided with free education and we continue to perfect the most trending hairstyles for our clients. We even have a test that each of our artists needs to pass before they are able to book weddings. They are tested on timing, skills, and company protocol. This helps with consistency and sets us apart from other bridal hair companies! You will not be late and not one bobby pin will be showing!

How big is your team and how does a bride decide which hair stylist is best for her?

We currently have a team of 12 with 8 bridal hair stylists and 4 assistants. Plus a pretty sassy office manager!

blonde bride updo styled by a wedding hair stylist

Bridal Advice from a Wedding Hair Stylist

What is a hair timeline? How important is it and how close do you follow it?

Ok, I am about to nerd out so buckle up! A hair timeline is the amount of time it will take to complete the number of services needed. We use a formula to calculate how much time it will take and provide our brides with a start and finish time. A lot goes into the morning of a wedding to make it run smoothly and keep everyone on time. We book 1hr for the bride, 45min for any additional bridal party members, plus a 30min buffer time. Our finish time is 1hr before the bride needs to be dressed. This is an industry standard and we follow this timeline EXACTLY. This is one thing we will not budge on and it seems to be working since we have NEVER been late and our brides always look flawless!

What advice would you give to brides who are unsure about the hairstyle they want?

I typically suggest looking at your specific hairstylist’s work via social media. If you are still not sure, try searching for a style to include your specific hair type. Example: Updo for short blond hair.

When should a bride think about getting extensions?

We offer full extension installs (Bellami Certified) and we also have clip-ins we rent out! Yes we rent out clip-in hair extensions for our clients! If you are interested in hair extensions and you are not sure what type of extensions are best for you we offer complimentary consults. If you would like to try out our clip extensions we can add them to your style on the day of your trial session! We typically suggest having your trial session 2-3 months before your wedding day. More information on our extensions can be found on our website!

What is one takeaway you hope brides keep in mind when it comes to their hair or their wedding?

One good takeaway would be that the average start time for hair and makeup on a wedding morning is 7am. Be cautious of companies saying they can do it in less time. That just means you are sacrificing the quality of work. And let’s be honest these pictures last a lifetime! Trust me you don’t want to show your grandkids your wedding day pictures and your hair is falling out or you look like a founding father. 

Oh and book the Cat DeLine team as your photographer!

bridal party styled by wedding hair stylist

Looking Ahead with a Wedding Hair Stylist

 I heard you guys are opening a new location! What can you tell us about it and when can brides expect it to open?

Our new location is located in Norfolk, VA, and is going to be absolutely beautiful! Since it is a completely new build it will be state of the art! I don’t want to give away anything just yet but with 12 new stations, we will be able to provide a laid back luxury feel to our bride and clients. We are looking to be open to the public fall of 2022!

We see you work with BlushTones and will be sharing the location. How does it work? Are you both the same company or sister companies?

Yes, we are sister companies and will be sharing the space alongside BlushTones! By partnering with each other we are able to offer both hair and makeup services all under the same roof. We are like one big family!

blonde hair styled by a wedding hair stylist
the after photos of a wedding hair stylist

How can brides keep up to date with FLAWLESS On Site?

Follow us on instagram @flawlessonsite. There you will find all sorts of helpful guides, tips, and hair inspiration for your big day! #goflawless

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