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How To Find a Wedding Photographer | Engagement Advice

Mar 1, 2021

How to Find a Wedding Photographer

If you’re following along with our Engagement Advice series you now need to know how to find a wedding photographer. If you’re just joining, you may want to go back to Where to Start Planning your Wedding or if you missed last week’s edition on What Wedding Vendor to Book First it will cover what you’ll need to move forward with finding a photographer.

a couple walking at King Family Vineyards

I’m guessing you’ve scrolled through instagram and you’re floating around the sea of wedding photographers. All different but somehow they start blurring together. What’s dark & moody vs bright & airy? What is a pose? You’re swimming in all the lingo and pretty images. Don’t worry, I got you…here’s your life raft to get started.

bride and groom kissing the beach in Chincoteague

Before you get too sea sick looking at wedding photographers, here are a few things you need to decide. First, a budget. Know where your limit is, photographers (like may vendors) have a wide range of pricing. Secondly, you need to determine what style of photography you love. I’m talking about editing here. You can like someone’s personality but you need to LOVE their editing, since their editing will be hanging in your home, your children’s home, and your grandchildren’s home for years. Sit down with your fiancé and look at 2-3 very different styles. I suggest choosing one light & airy photographer, one dark & moody, and one true to color photographer. You will gravitate towards one style. Once you decide on the style you can now start narrowing down your choices.

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It is suggested that you contact five photographers, consult with each, and decided from there. If you inquire with 10 different photographers you’re going to get overwhelmed and not make a sound decision.

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How do you find a photographer? Here are a few ways. Instagram, yes that place that makes you sea sick. Go to the search function and search ‘location + photographer’ or ‘location + wedding photographer’ for example ‘Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer’ is a great search start. You can weed out any photographer who doesn’t have your editing style, then narrow it down to their overall portfolio. Look at their stories, cruise around their website, and for the love of all things sane read reviews! Their reviews should sound like real people, and have a general pattern.

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Next, google your top 2-3 photographers and see what comes up. They should have a website, with ample information, easy to read and a clear way to contact them via their site. Look through their portfolio to see more insight into their work.

Bride and groom toasting at Sackets Harbor Wedding

Lastly, inquire with them to find out more information. Vendors should respond to you with in 48 -72 hours at the latest unless they are on vacation. Pay attention to their response and if their timing works with your needs.