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OBX Engagement portraits - couple popping champagne

Outer Banks Engagement Portraits | Jenna & Spencer

Mar 24, 2020

Coquina Beach, Outer Banks Engagement

We all do things we don’t mean when we’re hangry.

Jenna and Spencer met back in their Freshman year of college, but it took a few years of growing up for them to realize they had a spark. Fast forward to their 5th anniversary and Spencer says he’s going to the ‘gym’. Meanwhile, Jenna is texting her friend about how annoying Spencer is being, while she’s starving. Rightfully so, hunger is not a thing to interfere with!

OBX Engagement portraits - Couple hugging on beach

Spencer returned home ‘fake showered’ and suggested they walk to their neighborhood restaurant for dinner.

OBX Engagement portraits - couple hugging on the beach at sunrise
OBX Engagement portraits - couple hugging on beach at sunrise

See Spencer didn’t go to the gym. He and his close friend aka his accomplice went to the woods. The two of them set up lights and a romantic setting straight out of a romance movie.

OBX Engagement portraits - couple running on the beach
OBX Engagement portraits - couple running along the beach

On their walk back from dinner, Spencer led Jenna is the woods where she sees all the lights, he got down on one knee and popped the question! SHE SAID YES!!! That wasn’t all. Spencer had gathered friends at their house without Jenna knowing so they could celebrate with them!!

…collective ‘awwweeeee’ here

Jenna and Spencer’s OBX engagement p ortraits were a bit tricky. We had planned to do them on Friday evening but mother nature had other plans…like rain and wind.

Flexibility is crucial when you’re planning engagement portraits and even your wedding! This goes for your photographer as well. I always have a plan A and plan B for each event/portrait I have the honor of capturing. My couples breathe a sigh of relief when I give them these alternatives.

‘Mother nature does what she pleases. I’ve simply learned to dance with her or around her’ This is my approach to weather on your day. I come prepared with cute umbrellas and alternative locations. For portraits, we have backup dates & times!

We met for sunrise on Sunday morning in the Outer Banks, NC. We were pleasantly surprised by an empty beach, big waves and the perfect OBX morning!

Jenna and Spencer laughed through their entire session. Stealing kisses, and making memories along the shore. We ended their session with a pop! A champagne pop that is! Check out the results, to say Spencer had fun is an understatement!

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