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Bride and Groom walking on Hawaii beach

North Shore HI Elopement near Turtle Bay

Dec 16, 2019

I can’t describe Justin & Jamie’s day better than the review they left me so I’m going to let that speak for it self.

Cathryn was an absolute dream to work with… even before we worked directly with her! After eloping at the end of last year, my husband and I realized we were in a tough spot because we wanted to document the day, but had NO idea exactly how to go about it. After a week of frustrating google searches, we stumbled upon Cathryn’s website (DeLinePhotography.com) and it’s fair to say we fell in love. Her website was easy to navigate and ALL the information regarding specific pricing was on her site, something we hadn’t found with many of the other photographers in our area. And, obviously, her photos were GORGEOUS. Long story short, we set up a meeting for later that week, and I CANNOT possibly stress enough how professional and wonderful Cathryn was to plan everything out with. She was honest, knowledgeable and completely present in our vision for this shoot. Once we outlined a rough idea of what we wanted, she RAN with it, and over the next week we were in constant communication about the dress and location and details… and NOT ONCE did she make me feel like I was bothering her or asking too many questions. I planned our shoot down to the smallest detail (Cathryn suggested an AMAZING florist who made a perfect bouquet for the shoot) and I was VERY confident that everything was going to be perfect… only to find out that ANOTHER wedding (a real one, now an already married couple in wedding attire) was setting up for a MASSIVE reception in our location… completely derailing my plans. Cue the desire to cry, right? Wrong. Cathryn took the entire episode in stride! It seriously DID NOT PHASE HER AT ALL. As we moved further down the beach than we originally planned, I threw questions and doubts and fears at her left and right, and she dodged them all! She was calm and comfortable and assured me that it wasn’t an issue—she’d get the shots we wanted and I didn’t have anything to worry about. Now, I am a pessimist by nature, but her demeanor was unsettling even for me! She was so excited and SURE of herself that she made ME excited and sure everything was going to be okay too! (Not an easy feat while in 85+ degree weather on a beach getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.) The location being double booked DID cause us to lose the light early, and I was bummed out that we hadn’t gotten ALL the shots I’d wanted… but it wasn’t in my control or Cathryn’s and I tried to shrug it off as we packed up… which was completely unnecessary because Cathryn was already planning to come meet us (on her own time) the next day and take the detail photos of our rings that we’d missed out on! I don’t know how to properly express how happy I am with the photos she took. Looking at them you’d NEVER know how upset and stressed I was just minutes before she took them. She made the day so fun and happy when it should have been a complete disaster. Overall, I can’t reccomend her enough. She made our dream photos possible and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank her. My only regret is that we’re moving this summer and won’t be able to use her for Christmas photos this year!

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DeLine Photography is a destination wedding photographer, based in Virginia. Cat DeLine specializes in destination weddings, adventure elopements and couples portraits.