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How to take the negative out of your wedding!

Aug 15, 2019

You’re planning your wedding and EVERYONE and their mother…including yours is adding their two cents. Telling YOU what wedding you want. What’s with that?

At the end of the day when you’re venting to your fiancé you’ve made this statement in some capacity ‘OK Carol but are you going to be the one walking down the aisle with a bow on your butt??? NO!”

Here are three things to help remove the negative!

First, let’s remember that you’ve dreamed about your wedding for basically ever. Tap into that. You want a deep v dress, wear it. You want to wear a bold lip, do it. You want to wear pink instead of white, do it! Your fiancé, they want to marry the person they fell in love with, not your mother or aunts or friends, they want you!! I’ll say it louder for those in the back YOUR FIANCÉ WANTS TO MARRY YOU!!! Look like you, act like you, and be you boo boo!

Next, focus on your fiancé. Don’t lose them in the chaos of everyone’s opinion. Let them plan various part of the wedding. Don’t pull a Monica and tell your fiancé ‘Your job is to stay out of the way’ Even if you are a type 1. Creating a day that’s ‘so you two’ will be much more fun. They’ll also be right next to you when the opinions become overwhelming and you want to say ‘Screw this, let’s elope’ and they’ll talk you off that ledge.

Lastly, your wedding is exactly that, YOURS. As your wedding photographer I remind you of this all day long. Nothing starts without you so don’t rush. And if you need a few mins with your boo thang to run away and soak in the ‘HOLY SHIT WE’RE MARRIED’ feeling? Give me a look/signal and I’ll send you away and field your relatives suspicions. I got you! You need to make no apologies on your wedding day for what YOU guys want.

My promise to you as your wedding photographer is to always put you two first. I’m a romantic, which means my priority is your love.