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Hawaii Family Christmas | Lifestyle Photographer | Oahu, HI

Dec 22, 2017

The Cupp house at Christmas. When you walk into Hannah & Jayme’s Oahu home, you’re greeted with four wagging tails, countless doggie kisses, and a couple human hugs. As you walk through their kitchen and into their living room, it is very apparent that they both have big hearts for their fur babies. Wiener dog cookie jar, dog salt & pepper shakers and a stocking for each wagging tail. You even get a glimpse of their past loves, a picture of a handsome all white German Sheppard named Rocco over looks their home, his ornament adorns the tree and his ashes rest below the tv to remind them of their special bond together. Each of their fur-children have a story, a story that didn’t start out so warm & happy. 

Kiki, a little lady wiener dog. She looks aged and enjoys tricking you into thinking she’s slow & old but one glimpse of Jayme and she sprits to him! Kiki didn’t start out as Jayme’s dog, Hannah adopted her before she met Jayme. Hannah walked into the adoption center looking for a dog, out of a herd of Golden Retrievers leapt Kiki into Hannah’s arms. It was love at first leap. Kiki is queen bee, and she knows it. 

Felix, a spirited black & white Collie. He will love you forever after one toss of his favorite fetch toy, this day just happened to be a giraffe. Felix was unfortunately abandoned by a family who didn’t afford to take him when they left their duty station in Tennessee. The Cupp’s adopted him and brought him along with Kiki to Oahu. 

Keona a gorgeous long haired dachshund mix, their little princess. She’s Hannah’s shadow, everywhere Hannah is Keona isn’t too far behind. She loves dress up, and doing a little dance for treats. Keona was a stray running around on the west side of Oahu. You wouldn’t believe she was a stray by her looks or her sweet demeanor.  

Lastly, and certainly not least is Penny. Penny is new to the Cupp family. In fact this was only supposed to be Penny’s temporary home. Like one could predict, Hannah and Jayme’s hearts were big enough to squeeze four more legs in furever. Just a few weeks ago Penny lived in a homeless camp in Honolulu with over 90 other dogs. Hannah knew the camp would be cleared by the police, so she volunteered to help the animal shelter rescue as many animals as possible. Penny needed a foster family, in true Hannah fashion she rose to the occasion and brought Penny home to meet the others. After a couple days of sniffing & figuring everyone out Penny became part of the clan. When it came time to talk about adoptions Jayme spoke up said she’d already found her home, with Kiki, Keona, & Felix. Penny is now enjoying Christmas sweaters, lots of snuggles and plenty of treats this holiday.

I wanted to take the time to not only feature the special lifestyle moments we captured during their session, but to raise awareness and promote adopting this holiday season. The are too many amazing animals sitting in adoption shelters each year. We here at DeLine Photography are also a rescue family; we adopted our handsome assistant cat Alfonzo over 6 years ago. Please adopt don’t shop this holiday season.