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Babcock | Family Session | Oahu Photographer

Jul 25, 2017

I was fortunate to meet Meghan while she was expecting sweet little Lucy for her maternity photos. I then met her amazing family during Lucy’s birth, fresh 48 and newborn sessions! At this point my ‘Aunt Dandi’ title is official with this family. After moving back t the mainland, Lucy and her mommy made a trip to Oahu back to reunite with family. This session I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay and her adorable son Michael. Michael loves his momma oh so much, even more than dinosaurs. 

We met on the West Side of Oahu in Kapolei. Michael had fun kissing Lucy’s hand and looking at the waves! Meghan and Lindsay got some alone sister time to have some fun at the light house, much needed after mommy duty! Next time its the whole family!