Alex & Kevan | Turtle Bay Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Alex and Kevan knew a big traditional wedding wasn't for them. Kevan, stunning in an ivory a-line dress, with a dramatic train and Alex, dapper in his navy blue pinstrip suit and chestnut shoes committed to a life of love on a Thursday evening as the sunset... 

They got ready for their Best Day Ever together, reminiscing of when they met and laughing through stories. One thing Kevan did want to keep traditional, Alex not seeing her dress before their first look. We booted Alex out of the cottage and helped Kevan slip into her dress.

As a wedding photographer I want to create moments where my couples take the time to soak in their wedding day. I had Kevan take a moment before opening the doors and tapping Alex's shoulder, to just feel love for the day, her fiancé (for the last time), and remember her last moments as a single woman. As she looked out at Alex you cold see her love for him in her eyes. That's the thing about Kevan, she kept sweeping me into these wedding day moments with her. The whole day her face told a story of a woman so incredibly in love that I felt like I could actually feel her every emotion. 

Alex, was so pumped to see Kevan. He wanted to make sure he was everything she'd imagined.  Their reaction to each other was perfect, huge smiles, kissing and being in love. Getting married to your best friend is awesome. 

Alex and Kevan read the vows they wrote to the music of the waves crashing on shore, tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. Their ceremony danced along with laughter and pure excitement. They couldn't stop holding hands and touch each others ring, the gratitude they had for each other was beautiful. 

After they said I Do, they took their first steps as husband and wife along the beach.

Check out the highlights from their sunset wedding below! 

Contact us today to create your beautiful beach side wedding! I can't wait to make your wedding day dreams come to life together! Hop over to  Investment to see our North Carolina wedding packages and Virginia wedding packages! 

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